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Children’s feet

Taking their first steps. Children’s feet are different to adult feet and will take a few years to fully develop. However, it’s important that you take note of how your children’s feet are developing and whether or not they are experiencing any difficulties when walking.

Children start to walk at different times – some as young as eight months, while others won’t begin until they are 18 months of age.

Common problems children experience

Does your child:

  • Have flat feet?
  • Suffer from in-toeing or out-toeing?
  • Walk on their toes?
  • Trip over when walking or running?
  • Experience pain while walking?
  • Have toes that cross over?
  • Suffer from warts?

How our Podiatrists can help

Our Podiatrists are experts in children’s feet – it’s an area we specialise in. If you are concerned about your child’s feet or posture, come and see us. One of our friendly Podiatrists will assess your child’s feet and assist with any developmental problems your child may be experiencing.

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