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We rely on our feet every day, so it’s important that we take good care of them. With 52 bones packed into a pair of feet, it’s fair to say that your feet require specialist attention, so let Millers Road Podiatry help you take the next step to healthy feet.

At Miller’s Road Podiatry we aim to provide you with expert attention and can accurately diagnose, treat and rehabilitate problem feet fast and effectively. We also advise on preventive solutions to avoid problems with your feet later in life. Our dedicated team of Podiatrist’s are lead by John Georgaras, who has over 20 years experience in all facets of podiatry. Miller’s Road Podiatry in Altona North provides a holistic approach to your healthcare and specialise in a variety of podiatrist fields.

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We are strongly committed to providing ongoing support to our clients and informing them of the latest treatment techniques as well as our dedication to education and training. Miller’s Road Podiatry is proud to be associated with LaTrobe University as a final year private practice teaching clinic. We believe in supporting students during a very important stage of their development and are privileged to assist with the transition from the classroom to workplace.

We have embraced the latest technology in podiatry with our Shockwave Therapy and 3D Scanning for orthotics. 

Our clinic is located in Altona North and all the staff at Millers Road Podiatry look forward to welcoming you to our practice and will be there every step of the way to assist with all of your podiatry needs.

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